Brooklyn Band: Animal Years

I came across these guys about a month ago, researching bands taking part in CMJ Music Marathon week in NYC. I had been going through bands on the app and taking a listen to some of their music. Animals Years immediately grabbed my interest, so I messaged them like I had with a bunch of artists, asking them if I could photograph their set. They took a look at my website link and got back to me fairly quick. They told me they'd love for me to shoot their set and meet me after. I ended up skipping a Zombie bar crawl in NYC to catch their set at Rockwood Music Hall. They rocked it. Well worth the decision to skip prior plans. This Brooklyn band had the whole crowd rocking at 3pm on a Saturday. I eventually emailed them some photos from the show and we kept in touch. I learned they were playing their final show of the year at Rough Trade on the 17th of November. I shot them a message and they got back immediately and threw me on the list. They once again rocked it. They captivated a packed house and played a bunch of new songs, in which the crowd had no problem with whatsoever. It is always a pleasure shooting for these guys and good to know they are fellow humble and talented Brooklynites. Great style, contagious energy, captivating sound and stage presence. This band is going somewhere. Mark my words.

Go check them out at

Easily searchable on youtube under 'animal years'

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