Jukely Sound Project: San Fermin/MS MR/Slow Magic

What a mix of great music all night. Jukely did it right with their showcase, from venue to the perfect mix of eclectic music. San Fermin captivated the crowd, from the whimsical voices of Allen and Charlene to the beautiful sounds of the classic sax, violin and trumpet. By the time MS MR stepped onto the stage, the huge warehouse was packed and ready to dance. MS MR delivered, as always with the upbeat sounds and energy that the crowd expected. I have come to the conclusion, after seeing MS MR perform several times now, it is impossible not to dance and it is impossible not to feel their awesome energy. MS MR delivered. If you didn't break a sweat, you may not have been conscious. The night did not end with them though. Jukely added some late night DJ sets to the mix, which included Mat Zo, Slow Magic, and Madeon to close the night. Each DJ with a different style, each kept this warehouse dancing and smiling. What a night. Hats off to Jukely for putting it all together. And big thanks to for setting this all up for me. Always a pleasure shooting for you guys!

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