Gin Wigmore at The Bowery Ballroom

Gin Wigmore kicked heartbreak's ass last night in style at the Bowery Ballroom. As expected, Gin marched onto the stage with authority, opening with her new single, "Willing to Die." She had the crowd captivated and energized from there on out, performing a mixture of old and new, with powerful and tough lyrics. Many of here tracks taught us how to kick heartbreak to the curb and move on. When she wasn't belting those lyrics out beautifully, you could find Gin dancing all over the stage. Gin Wigmore rocked it from start to finish with everything she had, and it was awesome. Do yourself a favor and give her a look and a listen - and try to catch her on her Willing To Die Tour now throughout the U.S. This artist is both amazingly beautiful and super talented. In my opinion, there is no voice nor sound like hers out there right now.

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