PREVIEW: Hangout Fest: Always the Perfect Recipe for Fun, Sun, and Great Music

I've been attending The Hangout Music & Arts Festival every year since 2014, and it has never been anything short of amazing. As every year comes to an end, it easily tops the rest of the festivals I attended that year. With the perfect combination of the beach, great musical acts, and just all around awesome vibes from sun up to sun down. We stay in the same condo every year with an amazing group and the routine sets in. A couple of us get up in the morning and cook breakfast for the group, accompanied by beers and some drinking games. A morning chill session on the beach or at the pool right outside the door tends to follow. And then, of course, the quick van ride to the festival, also on the beach, takes place. Good vibes all around and usually a giant head to carry as we walk through the gates to the liveliness and sweet sounds of festival goers and great music. Dancing ensues, we sweat, we drink, we feel great. It doesn't end when the headliner closes each night. Its time to head back to the condo, clean up real quick, and head out to the always awesome and gigantic bar/club, Flora-Bama. We party the late night away, stumble or dance back to our condo, wake up and repeat the routine. It never gets old, its never not fun.

This year, Hangout will be the home to headliners Calvin Harris, The Weeknd, and Florence and the Machine, as well as great bands and DJs from gates open to gates close every day. As attending media this year, our largest and most diverse group staying at the condo, and yet another awesome lineup, this Hangout Fest is looking just as sweet. If anything, the best one yet.

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