Fitz and the Tantrums at Terminal 5 NYC

Fresh off their awesome performance at Firefly Music Festival, Fitz & the Tantrums took their super fun and engaging show to Terminal 5 on Tuesday night. I arrived early to catch the openers from San Francisco, Finish Ticket. It has been a while since I've seen so many fans up on the rail dancing and singing along to the opener of a major artist, and that's exactly what I saw. Finish Ticket opened up to a pretty packed and engaged crowd. They rocked, and I took more of a liking to them after each song.

Minutes before Fitz and the Tantrums took the stage, volunteers for the band walked through the crowd and along the rails painting the hands of fans with fluorescent paint to look like the cover of their new album. It made for a pretty cool sight as everyone's hands were up in the air either waving or clapping throughout the whole set. The band absolutely killed it. Their upbeat and catchy tunes kept us dancing and singing all night long. I worried the sweat from all the activity would make all that paint fade, then I realized I wasn't paying attention to anything but the irresistible fun coming from the stage and resonating onto the crowd. The entire band had the moves and the good vibes that is always so contagious. These guys always have put on a great show and tonight was no different. Playing many of their new songs from the new album, with some of their big hits from past albums, this show was a perfect combination for a successful and awesome Tuesday night out. Visually, their lighting and stage design was pretty sweet. Its been a while since I've lost focus shooting photos due to dancing. You gotta love when the band loves what they do and knows how to have fun on stage. Thank you Fitz and the Tantrums, you were ridiculously awesome and super tiring. Thanks for keeping us moving all night long.

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