Another Hangout in the Books.

This year's Hangout Fest meant more than the previous Hangouts. I was determined to redeem myself and make up for drama that I had caused the year before. I successfully assembled a solid crew mixed with repeat housemates and added two new ones. We all meshed well all weekend, with zero drama. The main goal was completed. And, as in previous years, Hangout Fest was absolutely awesome. Good vibes, good people, awesome music, and a successful media coverage outing. Although I scored media last year, it was nothing compared to this year. With the personal drama surrounding last year's fest, I was never really focused throughout the weekend. This year...completely focused and in good spirits. Your crew always matters, whether they are working with you or just staying with you. Coverage went as good as it could have gone, and the vip perks definitely helped. By the end of the trip, I was leaving with a big smile on my face, solid photos, and with some new relationships that I hope will be long-lasting.

Here are some of my favorite photos from this year's Hangout Fest!

Franz Ferdninand on Fitz' Stage

Endless hands up for Band of Horses

Band of Horses on the Hangout Stage

Rufus du Sol on the Hangout Stage

Bishop Briggs on Fitz' Stage

Rufus du Sol on the Hangout Stage

COIN on the Mermaid Stage

Young the Giant on the Hangout Stage

This girl.

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